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TOFD Transducers / Wedges

Nexa Time Of Flight Diffraction(TOFD) transducers have a high sensitivity and  are highly damped to produce a short pulse with high resolution. The transducers provide excellent sizing capabilities.




             General  Characteristics


  •  Longitudinal wave

  •  Piezo-composite

  •  Centre Frequency (-6dB) from 2MHz to 15MHz

  •  Active area 3mm  to 12mm

  •  Relative Bandwidth (-6dB) 50 to 90%

  •  M12 Screw thread

M20, UNEF screw thread transducers also available

TOFD Probes

TOFD Transducers

TOFD Wedges

Nexa manufacture Time of Flight Diffraction wedges in durable plastic and rexolite as standard with M12 thread.

Stainless steel and brass wedges can be manufactured on request as well as UNEF style wedges

Tofd probes and wedges

TOFD Wedges



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