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Custom Transducers

Custom transducers designed to enhance your application






Nexa’s core business is the design and manufacture of bespoke  special transducers that provide solutions in the field of ultrasonics.






Our experienced engineers have developed transducers for a wealth of inspections,  from the ocean floor to environments which include high temperatures as well as radiated environments.

We look forward to delivering a transducer solution for your inspection problems, whether it’s a single product that is required or a large quantity.

We will work with you and develop a transducer that exceeds your requirements.

All products undergo strict production and testing procedures, to ensure quality, reliability and long-term stability. So your inspection is always optimum.


With our progressive development and flexible manufacturing, we can deliver cost effective solutions in a short time scale making Nexa your ideal partner for custom ultrasonic transducers.

Applications we have produced transducers for

  • Subsea/immersion

  • High temperature probes 

  • Condition monitoring

  • Oil pipline inspection

  • Probes for automated systems

  • Railway probes axle testing

  • Turbine blade probes for steam turbine blades

  • Probes for nuclear plant inspection

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