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Angle Beam Transducers

Transducers for detection and evaluation of flaws with an angular orientation to the inspection surface with enhanced  sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.

Angle Shearwave Transducer

Standard Angle Shearwave

Standard angle Beam transducer with exceptional signal to noise and sensitivity. For flaw detection and sizing

Subminiature Angle Shear Wave Probe NDT

Sub miniature Shear Wave

Sub miniature angle beam shear wave transducer for when you have limited space for your inspection

TRL Ultrasonic Probe NDT

 Transmit / Receive Longitudinal (TRL)

Twin crystal angle Longitudinal transducer for the inspection of stainless steel duplex and coarse grain material. Designed for superior signal/noise.

Creepwave Transducer NDT

Creep Wave Transducer

Creep wave transducers generate a wave  which propagate parallel to the surface and are ideal for flaw detection close to the surface.



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